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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software is a customer relationship management and sales force automation business solution built for companies seeking to increase, track and improve sales and marketing to their customers as well as improve the overall customer service experience. Dynamics CRM gives you and your business the tools you need to effectively manage the process of converting leads to prospects and then to loyal and valuable customers as well as service their needs.

Microsoft has invested much more in their CRM platform over the past 3 years and released many new and exciting solutions.  To learn more about the new CRM built into Dynamics 365 that expands into Field Service, Project Service Automation and Customer Service Portals.  It is now included in the Customer Engagement modules in Dynamics 365 and integrated to the Dynamics 365 for Operations global ERP solution.  These Customer Engagement modules, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation leverage the Common Data Service for key integration points to enable things such as inventory to be consumed or opportunities to become orders and more.  To learn even more, you can also click here and go to our Microsoft Dynamics 365 page.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features

Dynamics CRM is a powerful salesforce automation and customer service tool, and is the most flexible configuration and development platform in business software today. To help you use this platform to your maximum advantage, we work with you through all of the stages of implementation and support. This means that when we install this software, our consultants ensure it is configured and customized to fit your business’s specific needs and that you know how to use each function correctly and to your benefit.

These tailored features can help you manage new leads and prospective projects along with existing customers. It can create clear process and structured workflow for your sales and management team, all while having the ability to view your past work through built in Analytics.

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Prospects and Lead Management

We want to help ensure that your prospects become loyal customers and, with the ability to create custom workflows fitted with automated notifications, you will be able to ensure that all of your sales actions are assigned with complete transparency, keeping your team accountable and your leads well managed.

You will also be able to track communications between possible clients and your team, which can provide all concerned with the latest interactions and updates on each client, keeping them as informed as possible. Powerful reporting also enables you to see the status of your leads and who is currently assigned to specific projects.

Should your prospect decide to move forward with your proposal, you will be able to transition immediately from quotes and proposals to project tracking, making your team look polished and professional.

Customer Management

Your customers deserve as much care as your prospects, and this system will be able to support the functions needed to track customer activity. This will help your team build detailed customer profiles that will allow you to better serve your client’s needs.

With access to demand forecasting coupled with a deeper knowledge of customer history, you will then be able to anticipate customer needs according to seasonality, present trends, or new and current events. This anticipation will lead to improved internal sales and increased customer satisfaction when integrated with the case management feature that is built with your custom workflows.

Sales Team Management

Ensure that your team is on the right track with these features. Create distribution paths that will assure that leads are assigned to correct salesperson based on your specific guidelines and followed up on. This can include the client’s location within a specific territory, the team member’s specialty, the client’s individual industry, by company size, or other criteria your business processes may demand.

Workflow Management

Eliminate confusion and encourage transparency with this feature. You will be able to create custom workflows for each business process to detail how each project should be quoted or how each customer will be serviced.

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software provides Users with the ability to extend their access to information on a variety of devices, so they can connect and engage with their customers and access their client data on a real time basis. The Dynamics CRM system can help improve your customer relationships through our careful customization and implementation of the program. Contact us to find out how we can partner with you to help your business move forward today.

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Customer Service by  Dynamics CRM

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