“After researching the field of ERP solutions we decided to go with Dynamics AX which stood out as a good fit for our environment, our users, and our long term vision.  We know the product will be around and supported many years from now. Just as critical to us as the product was finding the right implementation partner. We found that SIS understood our industry and had the people on board to speak our language which is invaluable when it comes to designing a system that works for our business processes”. “We believe this project will be transformational for our company as we get the right information to decision-makers at a speed that will make us more competitive in the market.”

Teri Germany, Operations IT Project Manager – Rogers Electric

“After a failed implementation we decided to take a step back and review the landscape. We learned a tremendous amount about our software, our business, and most importantly our needs.  We did not need a consultant to help us implement AX. We needed a partner who understood our business and would be invested with us in our success. We needed a partner to maximize the software we chose and believe in. After a great deal of investigating we know we have found our partner, SIS Software. They have developed software that hits the core of our business. We are energized by their solutions and look forward to launching SIS Advanced Payroll, and SIS Project Management for AX. We intend to also acquire the Compass product. We believe this trio of products complement AX very well. These three products fulfill all of our business requirements. After 5 months of searching for the right partner we know we made the right choice and could not be happier with our decision.”

Jesus Fuentes, AX Project Manager & Supply Chain Manager – Industrial Electrical Company

“Microsoft Dynamics SL handled the government contracting requirements just as well as the Deltek system, and did a much better job of meeting our light manufacturing needs. Now, we have real-time inventory and greater visibility into our supply chain. We’ve been able to improve the accuracy of our inventory by approximately 80 percent. We can plan product shipments with much greater accuracy, which not only saves us money but also helps save lives by getting our protective equipment to the soldiers on the front lines faster.”

Tracy Gholson, VP of Finance – BMI Defense Systems

“Just wanted to let you both know your team did an outstanding job – I would definitely give them an A+. I have to say it was the easiest software upgrade I have ever experienced. Michael and Katrina responded quickly during the testing and after we went live when there were issues. We would definitely recommend SIS.”

Danna Rogers, Mascot Pecan Shelling Co.

“The great thing about Microsoft Dynamics is that it does not force you to operate within the constraints of a rigid software environment; it adapts to your changing business needs.”

Kevin Rosenburg, Controller – Horizon Wind Energy

“Microsoft Dynamics gave control back to management, as opposed to when we were using other applications. Microsoft Dynamics helps us improve operations in every area of our business.”

Jayshree Desai, CFO – Horizon Wind Energy