In today’s construction business landscape, time is an important factor.

TIME includes having an efficient system for capturing labor and expenses, recording job costs and transferring hours and related rates to payroll for processing. Another consideration is obviously timely reporting.

Why then do construction firms struggle with recording, processing, and reporting labor and expenses on a timely basis? The answer is simple. There are multifaceted calculations that are unique requirements in the construction industry such as unions & related agreements, fringe calculations, prevailing wages, burden rates, and other such complexities.

SIS is an industry expert in assisting Construction & Service companies to better align people with efficient system and processes. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, its software solution platform is both Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations which is making huge strides today using the cloud technology.

Construct 365 Advanced Payroll Module

The SIS Construct 365 Advanced Payroll module is built on the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations platform and provides seamless integration with the other Dynamic 365 for Finance & Operations modules such as payroll module, cash & bank management, accounts payable, Project Management & Accounting, and general ledger.

The Advanced Payroll solution offers two modules: Advanced Payroll manages Time Entry and Certified Payroll processing while the Advanced Union Payroll module can also manage unions, agreements, reciprocity and calculates complex union fringes with ease.

Here are a few SIS Advanced Payroll capabilities:

  • Quick setup and minimum maintenance required
  • Ease of use entry to processing to reports
  • Efficient – offers daily timesheets, job cost posting, and real time reporting
  • Security – roles are defined by job classifications with predefined duties & privileges out-of-the-box which can be easily modified if required
  • Timely Reporting – Real time & Certified Payroll Reports

Other inherent features:

  • Time entry is quite flexible from drafting a worker timesheet to entering a crew’s time or even importing time using an excel template.
  • Captures and processes field expenses
  • Manages prevailing wages
  • Automatically makes available the Certified Payroll report once payroll is completed
  • Stores Union Data: wage & fringe rates by job classifications and computes fringes based on the union agreement suggested computation method.

The Advanced Payroll solution may be used in conjunction with either Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Payroll module or data can be transferred to a third-party payroll processing company, if required.

If your company is looking for a comprehensive & efficient Construction & Service Payroll solution contact SIS to arrange a demonstration.