As we all know, technology is shaping the world with everything from electric cars to hyperloop. But when it comes to the construction industry, it is still underserved by technology. The construction industry contributes over 4% to the U.S. GDP, and is ready to adopt new technologies to automate processes and decrease dependencies on manual labor.  Digital transformation is at hand for the Construction industry.  In a recent report from Price Waterhouse Cooper study, “86% of CEOs say digital transformation is their number one priority.” Business leaders are rethinking what is possible using current technology to improve their processes, services and products.

The breakthrough technologies to make construction more efficient that have hit the market within the past few years have primed the industry for disruption. Every day construction workers probably don’t consider themselves to be integral to the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Nevertheless, they are at the core of the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT refers to a sensor or group of sensors that collects and transfers data via wired or wireless network to a platform where it is instantly acted upon, or to the Cloud where it is combined with other data to produce actionable insights.

Microsoft plans to invest $5 billion in the IoT over the next few years. Their goal is to give every customer the ability to transform their businesses, and the world at large, with connected solutions. SIS, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, can help accelerate your business transformation with IoT. We can reduce complexity, lower costs, and speed up your time to market. We can explore fully managed IoT services and solution accelerators designed for industry and scenarios like remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, smart spaces, and connected products.

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Witty Bindra
Senior Vice President

Witty Bindra has over 20 years of experience in Change Management, Business Development, Sales Management, Solution Design and Services Delivery Leadership with extensive focus on Consultative Solution Selling & Pipeline Management for Construction, EPC and Energy clients.