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ERP Software Solutions for Energy Contractors

One of the top challenges facing the energy industry today is the ability to manage renewable resources at an affordable cost. This is putting renewable energy, oil and gas producers under intense pressure to accomplish projects on time and on budget.

Microsoft’s Dynamic ERP and CRM solutions are designed with the energy industry in mind, serving utility contractors by assisting them with:

  • Opportunity and customer relationship management
  • Planning and management of resources to project requirements
  • Collaboration, workflow and document management
  • Delivery and management of projects of services on-time and on-budget
  • Generating accurate invoices for faster payment cycles
  • Improving visibility into project and company performance

One of the most effective ways to alleviate this pressure is to implement CRM and ERP Software specifically tailored to the Energy Industry. Whether it’s managing land leases and supplier agreements, submitting payment to union employees and vendors or managing construction budgets and subcontracts, the right ERP and CRM software is essential to drive down cost and increase efficiency.

SIS Complete Solution Set

Project Accounting - ERP

Accurate Project Cost Management, that includes consolidated enterprise class financials with integrated payroll, budgeting, purchasing, subcontract management, schedule of values billing Asset Management, Inventory Management and much more, all included in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

CRM – Business Development for Contractors & Professional Services

Identify, manage and track prospect and client opportunities from source to close.  Manage sales relationships as well as customer service.

Project Management

Project lifecycle and execution management with a secure portal for resource and task management, collaboration, including workflow and document management with version history and tracking.

Labor Management - HR & Payroll

Automated mobile time entry that feeds Payroll (Union and Wage Scale) and Job Cost, with a back end HR and Talent recruitment system that is quickly becoming second to none.

Equipment & Materials Management

You can better maintain your equipment in the field and tie it to job cost and asset management, as well as manage complex inventory and supply chain needs.

Field Service

Boost field technician’s productivity and customer satisfaction on service calls and work orders with complete mobile Field Service and access to customer history, equipment, inventory, purchasing and more.

Reporting & Analytics

Improved ability to manage cost to budgets and forecast, and proactively manage production and risk with Reports, Dashboards and Robust Business Intelligence such as Power BI.

Operations IT Project Manager – Rogers Electric

“After researching the field of ERP solutions we decided to go with Dynamics AX which stood out as a good fit for our environment, our users, and our long term vision. We found that SIS understood our industry and had the people on board to speak our language which is invaluable when it comes to designing a system that works for our business processes. We believe this project will be transformational for our company as we get the right information to decision-makers at a speed that will make us more competitive in the market.”

Resource and Project Management

Keeping to a specific budget and deadline is a crucial task for utility contractors and the Dynamics ERP and CRM software solutions are designed with that in mind. Microsoft’s Business Software Solutions help you manage your daily processes to enable the best energy efficiency possible for your clients while cutting costs at the same time.

These solutions also manage your assets effectively to make sure your company is getting the most out of them, be it land, natural resources or materials. You will have a full toolset to stay on time as new agreements are made coupled with powerful reporting and analytics to help you understand exactly where your dollars are being spent.

This increased reporting means you have the ability to forecast better, helping you to know what you need before you need it. These solutions also enable agility based on changing costs caused by the market or new regulations.

Microsoft’s Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions easily integrate with any existing systems you have for managing energy levels and production, which means all of your customers and materials are consolidated and accessible without time-wasting double data entry.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Creating Partnerships and Solving Problems

We know that no one knows the energy industry like you do and we also know that learning and implementing a new software solution takes a lot of time that you may not have.

This is why instead of installing a program and leaving, we partner with you to build the ideal enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management solution using the Dynamics platform. We work with you and train your staff to become self-sufficient and truly own the solution.

We also customize your software solutions to serve you and your needs rather than asking you to rework your business around a system, and invest time and energy into ensuring that you and your staff can utilize all of the outstanding new features available to you.

Why Partner With SIS?

SIS (Strategic Industry Solutions) helps project and service focused companies manage every stage of the delivery and service life-cycle with complete Project Management, Project Accounting, Job Costing, Business Intelligence, and CRM Software built on Microsoft Dynamics.  We help our clients manage cost and risk and deliver their unique value to their customers with proven software and 20 years of Industry Experience.

The SIS solution based on the ground breaking Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the most complete and integrated solution in the A/E/C – Professional Service marketplace today, focusing on mobilityease of use, and integration. The unified business application environment.

Our Focus Is “Your Industry” Not Just Technology!

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