From HR to Sales to Finance – unify your organization and move your business forward with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Does Dynamics 365 Enterprise Fit your Business?

If you are considering a new ERP solution for your company, here is some information that will help you determine if Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprise organizations is right for you.

Ready for a Digital First, True Mobility, Cloud Business

Companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations are either already working in the cloud or they are committed to move there.  They have researched and determined the advantages provided by a Cloud solution of being both agile and ready for growth.  According to IDC, 40% of all technology spending will go toward digital transformation, with enterprises spending in excess of $2 trillion by 2019.

Keeping ahead of the competition on new technology offerings in the Cloud is the driver for digital transformation.  One of the first things companies should do in embarking on a digital transformation is answer the critical question: What business outcomes do you want to achieve?

Typical KPIs assessed after the implementation of an ERP solution include:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Cash flow improvements
  3. Staff retention
  4. Decision making tools and analytics to improve effectiveness

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the cross-departmental collaboration needed to provide the outcomes you want with the ROI you desire from a unified Cloud solution.

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Need for Extensive Business Applications

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (D365FO) is an innovative ERP with broad capabilities, and even more so, when empowered with other applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365 such as Talent (HR), Customer Engagement (CRM), Project Service Automation, and Field Service. If your company has a need for a wide business set including financials, procurement, professional services, asset management, or warehouse management, the D365 FO is a good fit.

With other ERP solutions, many business processes require managing, customizing and upkeep of additional third party products.  On the other hand, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities such as requisitions, workflow, budgeting, and multi-company structures are fundamentally included within the core functionality of the software from one trusted vendor.  In addition, companies will not have to change their business processes to match the software functionality.

Unify your organization

Microsoft is ahead of the curve in providing an Integrated Enterprise for companies to provide real-time visibility of all activity within an organization.  In the past, in order to share data between Sales and Operations, companies managed this process with a multitude of spreadsheets (Excel) and disjointed data or paid for custom integrations between their CRM and ERP systems.

Microsoft has delivered a business game changer with the introduction of the Common Data Service, which allows Operations and Dynamics 365 for Sales share data among all aspects of an organization. In addition, by utilizing embedded Power BI within Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations provides owners and users actual dashboard reporting from within the application. The Power BI functionality enables CFO’s too easily and quickly view a complete overview of the business as a native feature of the system.

Ready for growth now and preparing for the future

The lifespan of a deployed ERP system used to be five+ years but with Cloud technology you should now estimate this to be 10 years and beyond!  Forward thinking business owners and IT professionals with eyes to the future, understand their organizations growth potential and want to be prepared.  Quite simply, the goal of selecting a new ERP system for an organization is to make day-to-day operations and long-term planning more efficient. It is only logical for them to move to an agile and scalable tier-one solution to avoid another ERP implementation.

The best choice for a new ERP system is one that meets your anticipated requirements now and in the future.  By creating unification across your workforce—from accounting to HR to sales to finance with integrated productivity tools with a familiar Office 365 experience, your employees will have a total view into the business and the tools to do their best work.

A Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Qualifier

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations requires 20 full user licenses to be in the Azure Cloud. The size of your business and your workforce that will use Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations must be confirmed before taking the next steps in your decision-making process.   Microsoft does offer both on premise and Cloud version of Dynamics 365.

Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be an investment in the future from the technology that runs your business. It is clear that moving to the Cloud is a future proof strategy to remain competitive.

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