Joining the SL Users Group – What’s in it for YOU

Joining the SL Users Group offers many benefits no matter what your skill level or size of your company. The cost for a corporate membership is minimal but the rewards can be innumerable. Having a corporate membership provides every employee with access to all the resources available to the group.

Benefits of joining:

Save Money

User group members are entitled to special benefits including: software product discounts, educational webinars, Discussion boards and Forums, membership to local chapter meetings, and the opportunity to attend the annual conference. The SL User Group Discussion board and Forums provide the greatest ROI for organizations and members. This tool enables a true learning community and the unique opportunity to connect with users, Partners, and ISV’s on issues you may be facing without having to rely solely on your consulting Partner. Peer learning saves time and can reduce software support costs.

Improved skills.

The User Community is an excellent way to take your professional skills to the next level. For business owner, the User group can help your employees work smarter and faster with the software they use every day.

Connect directly with Microsoft and SL Vendors

Conference attendees have the opportunity to speak directly to Microsoft and third party vendors. This provides SL users a voice to recommend product feedback and suggest solution improvements, discuss issues, and get answers to problems.

Networking is powerful!

Meeting new friends, sharing experiences, and creating lifelong friendships is a big reason that people join the group and attend the annual conference year after year. Whether you’re young or old, introvert or extrovert, have a high skill level or just beginning, you will fit in and find exactly what you need.

Become a Volunteer

Giving back to the SL community, sharing your time and experience is very rewarding. Helping others to do better at their job and watching them pay it forward is exciting. Volunteering can also help you advance your career by helping you sharpen your public speaking and communication skills, broaden your support network, build upon the skills you already have, and expose you to people with common interest.

Join the Microsoft Dynamics SL community today and start reaping the benefits right away.