Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Project Service Automation

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Project Based Organizations have long understood the importance of closely managing their projects to improve customer satisfaction and their project profitability.  For those in the Professional Service industry this is even more important due to the complexity of their resource management, estimating accurately, and timely billing.  They simply must manage their resources, equipment, and time and expenses.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 for PSA, enables billable project-based organizations to manage all aspects of customer facing activities, from sales through project staffing, project delivery and invoicing.

The Professional Service Automation (PSA) comes with Power BI and Cortana Intelligence built-in and is totally integrated with Office 365.  The SAAS solution enables project and service driven organizations to identify potential opportunities, submit bids, reach contractual agreements, manage resources, deliver projects on-budget and on-time, record time and expenses, and invoice the customer according to billing arrangements.   With the ability to add-on to the strength of Microsoft Project integration.

Dynamics 365 PSA Consists of 8 Core Modules:

Opportunity Management

  • Provides visibility into potential opportunities, their cost, and projected profitability.
  • Enables management to understand the organizations pipeline in order to be prepared and react to new business.

Project Planning

  • Enables sales and project managers to collaborate
  • Dashboard of the cost, duration, and value offered to the prospect or client.
  • Natively integrated to Microsoft Project, with its scheduling and management power, to improve your project planning from estimation to completion.

Resource Management 

  • Provides complete visibility to resources so the best potential fit (skills, cost, availability, etc.) in all cases can be assigned to the project.
  • Optimize your resources across project service, customer service, and field service.
  • Accurately forecast resource needs, and improve project execution and timely delivery.


  • Access project or customer data as well as collaborate with your team directly via mobile PSA.
  • Provides your project information with the right device for the right role.

Team Collaboration  

  • A collaborative secure workspace for Partners, project members, and customers to share information and project deliverables during execution of project.
  • Enhance project  operational visibility and improve process efficiency.
  • Enable team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times.
  • Proactively identify and resolve potential risks to the success of every engagement.

Time and expense management

  • Easily enter time and expenses for a project from any device, (web, mobile apps and Office365) so they are properly billed or costed.
  • Enables individual team members and consultants to accurately track their project time and expenses related to specific tasks and deliverables to maintain cost control within the project based work.

Customer Billing

  • Allows project managers the ability to track, update and approve all project related costs followed by invoice generation sent or emailed to the customer.
  • Costing and billing of resources time based on the role that the resource is associated to.

Service Analytics

  • Real-time analytics to go from being reactive to proactive.
  • Interactive Business Intelligence (BI) to help ensure projects are feasible and profitable.
  • Understand critical KPI’s necessary to successfully run a project-based business.


Tight Integration between sales and project delivery supports customer satisfaction, which promotes company growth and profitability.


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