Dynamics SL 2018 Year-End Updates Available Now!

​​​The 2018 Year End Updates includes changes for 1099 and W-2 reporting to comply with 2018 tax year regulations. Included with the update files is a technical document.

“Microsoft Dynamics SL 1099 and W-2 Reporting for Tax Year 2018” details the changes being made with this update along with detailed installation instructions.


These updates support the Microsoft Dynamics SL versions in the listing that follows. You do not need to install the 2017 year-end updates before installing the 2018 updates.

  • Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 CU1
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 CU2
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018

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During this busy season, SIS wants to help.
If you would like a SIS consultant to work with you in closing your books for the year, please send an email to Support@sisn.com

Now Available
2018 Year End Updates for Microsoft Dynamics SL

SL 2018 & SL 2015, SL 2015 CU1 & SL 2015 CU2
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Just released
December Tax Updates
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Dynamics SL 2011 Customers Year-end updates

Plumbline Consulting is offering an update package for customers still running Dynamics SL 2011 SP2, FP1, SP3.  This subscription offering will provide you year-end updates for your 1099 forms, electronic filing changes and Payroll updates.
Contains all the YE updates released for SL 2015, recreated for SL 2011
Under 100 employees – $1000 per year
Over 100 employees – $2000 per year
The employee number is based on the total number of W-2 and 1099 forms you file.

Please note – Unlike last year, there are 1099 changes to the forms.

The following items are known changes on 1099 forms for 2018:

1099:  Accommodate filing box 7 amounts (NEC or non-employee compensation) separate from other boxes. Can either print all boxes, only Box 7 or all boxes but box 7, depending on requirements for the date you are filing.

W-2: Add new box12 codes GG and HH. GG – Income from qualified equity grants under section 83(i) letter code HH – Aggregate deferrals under section 83(i) elections.

For those that purchased the subscription last year, you will automatically receive and invoice for your 2018 subscription.

Contact dpeavy@sisn.com for ordering.​

Hints, Tips and Procedures for Closing your books webinar

  • Year-end updates
  • W2 calculation, W2 printing and filing
  • 1099 processing
  • Closing procedures for year-end
  • Year-end considerations
  • Special info for SL 2011 customers


Year-End update package for customers still running on SL 2011 SP2 or higher.

Plumbline is offering an annual subscription providing you year-end updates for your 1099 forms, electronic filing changes and Payroll updates.

Under 100 employees:  $1000 per year
Over 100 employees:  $2000 per year

Price based on the total number of W-2 and 1099 forms you file.

Contact us to order.