Whether you need new software or need support for your current Microsoft Dynamics SL Solution, choosing the right partner is as important as picking the right ERP or CRM solution.  Most people will only experience an ERP implementation once or possibly twice in their career.  ERP is not a “do it yourself” project. You need experienced and trained professionals to smoothly guide you to the finish line.

While there are many factors to consider, experience may be number one.  Remember your project success depends on the quality of your Dynamics SL Partner.


Many times technology Partners are chosen based on price rather than experience.   This is probably one of the biggest mistakes customers generally make.   Deeply experienced SL Partners and senior-grade, certified consultants will smooth the implementation process, anticipate issues before they become problems, and leverage their expertise to provide a realistic plan for your company. Read more about our experience.

Knows your industry

A good Dynamics SL Partner to choose is one that understands your industry.  They talk your language and you will not need to bring them up to speed.  This one quality provides an immediate ROI.   Your industry and your business is unique so engaging with a SL Partner that understands both your industry and your technology goals is vital.

Seeks to understand your business

The most successful technology partner’s listens as you describe your business goals and your challenges before proposing technology solutions.  They articulate their software capabilities as related to your industry and explain the value of their solution in plain English so all can understand.  The ability to understand your requirements, transform them into action, and communicate with you every step of the way comes from a Partner with deep experience and successful, long-term relationships.


The depth and breadth of a Dynamics SL Partners resource team should also be an important consideration.  If your business is a experiencing substantial growth or your projects are large, than resources and services need to be available to handle your needs.  Some partners are great at implementing software but offer no additional resources such as ongoing support/Customer Care, training, development, and upgrades.   When deciding on a Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner asks these questions:

Is the Partner set up to handle difficult support issues?

Do they offer development services to implement necessary customizations? 

Can they provide training to be sure that both your current and future employees are productive and efficient?

Do they have the support to handle future upgrades and software maintenance?

Defined Methodologies

When dealing with software implementations, successful partners must have a defined methodology for every aspect of delivery.  There should be stages for:

  • Diagnosing and analyzing needs
  • Designing a plan
  • Developing new features
  • Deployment of your software solution
  • Training and supporting your employees

SIS follows the Microsoft Sure Step methodology to increase implementations success and improve customer satisfaction.  Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is designed to enable the Partners to better serve customers by helping to reduce risk and increase agility.  In addition, to help customers reduce their Microsoft Dynamics SL total cost of ownership.


Are you looking for a Partner with over 20 years of experience working with over 200 customers?   One that knows Construction and understands the specific needs of Project driven organizations.  A Gold certified Partner that first seeks to understand your business and can provide the experienced resources your business requires.

SIS is a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, with a proven track record of successful implementations working with project and service driven organizations.  Our team members are the best in the business, with an average of 20 years of experience, deep technical expertise and industry-specific best practices. SIS has on its staff partners and developers who hold Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science degrees, implementation consultants who are also certified CPAs and Masters in Business, customer care representatives who are also trained as accountants, and salespeople who have previously owned and operated their own software businesses.

Ready to discuss your needs in an SL Partner?