With so many digital optimization opportunities today, and the energy sector evolving, utilities are ramping up digital initiatives. Utility companies are looking to new revenue opportunities and balance the demand for digital optimization and transformation.

Many of the conveniences we enjoy today are dependent on the municipalities provide, such as water mains, power, streetlights, and roads. This infrastructure and its associated technology support our transportation systems, schools, hospitals, and more. A vital type of infrastructure is the electrical grid – every basic need we have is dependent on access to energy, but the way energy is managed is changing rapidly. A significant proportion of digital initiatives in utilities have shifted from the initiation phases to the scaling phases. Most digital activity appears to be in optimizing existing processes for cost reduction and operational improvements. Business intelligence (BI) and analytics remain high on utility companies priorities for investment, but utility business leaders, unlike those in top and typical performing organizations, don’t see data as a top 10 business priority. Utility executives expect that a move to the cloud will result in reduced investment in technologies required for on-premises IT application delivery and support.

Electric vehicles, solar roofs, battery storage, demand flexibility, and green energy are fundamentally changing grid management and driving the urgency to modernize the utility industry through innovation and technology. Some of the global power management companies are using Azure Internet of Things (IoT) to enable easy application development for Energy Management Circuit Breaker (EMCB). EMCB is a next-generation “smart breaker” that has the safety functionality of a standard circuit breaker with cloud-connectivity and on-board intelligence built in to help support grid optimization. It is a significant transformation of circuit breaker technology and offers revenue-grade branch circuit metering, communications capabilities, and remote access.

The EMCB is an entirely new kind of energy management device that offers advantages for utilities as well as consumers. It is suitable for a variety of end-use applications including Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Home Area Networks (HAN), as well as Demand Response (DR), and solar installation monitoring.

Microsoft Azure and Azure IoT is being extensively used to deliver Smart Grid projects for several leading electric utilities including advanced analytics at utility, sub-station and meter level asset health performance, demand forecasting, outage management, and optimal use of renewable energy sources as part of the overall smart grid.

With Microsoft solutions that take full advantage of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge, SIS continue to demonstrate how cloud, IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI) have the power to drastically transform every industry. Smart grids will drive efficiencies to power and utility companies, grid operators, and energy prosumers. In summary, data analytics, AI and IoT rank at the top of game-changing technology areas for utility businesses.

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