Purchasing products for projects and work orders are a vital step for service companies. With the Field Service module in Dynamics 365, employees are empowered with the ability to create a purchase order. There are two main reasons to create a purchase order. One, is to create a purchase order to acquire pieces of equipment to install or replace at the client’s site, or a purchase order can also be created because equipment and tools are necessary for the company to deliver their services.

With the purchase order, your company can also manage inventory. Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Field Service will automatically create journal entries that will allow you to see the quantity available on hand in the warehouse and in the trucks. Let’s look in more in detail how the purchase order works in Field Service.

Creating a Purchase Order

With the native functionality in the Dynamics 365 for Field Service module, creating a purchase order is very easy.  If you look at the top of the purchase order below, there are steps that help the buyer create the purchase order. Those steps help the employee fill out the right information and follow the right steps. The business process can be easily personalized by an administrator that has no programming background, which makes Field Service a very powerful and flexible solution.

Creating a Purchase Order from a Work Order

Another possibility is to create a purchase order is with a work order. When a new piece of equipment is needed, the purchase order will allow you to obtain this product and have the details of the installation of the equipment in the same place.

Once the purchase order is processed and the equipment delivered, the product ordered becomes a customer asset. Again, all the information is centralized in one system allowing you  to have a 360 degree view of the customer and its equipment.

Management of Inventory

In Field Service, products can be managed as inventory items. The purchase order allows Field Service to generate an inventory journal to track the number of items available on hand.

At any point in time, you can click on WAREHOUSE, and select the warehouse location you want to look at, to find the quantity available, products on order and products that are allocated (which means that they are reserved for a specific job or work order). Also, you can click on the product and find where in which warehouses or trucks the product is available.

Make it Mobile

Field Service is also accessible from any mobile or tablet. It allows your workforce to have access to the information at any time.. By having a Field Service tool at the tip of your employees fingertips allows  them to be more efficient at completing their job.

Natively Integrated with Office 365 Productivity tools

One of the most used communication tool is Email. Field Service is completed integrated with  Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 productivity tools which allows your employees to provide value-add communications and collaboration with your customers and vendors. This is the type of service is not only necessary but is also expected .

If you have any questions or would like to know how Field Service can work for your company, call SIS and we will be happy to show you.

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