SIS Client Testimonials

I am writing this letter to express how satisfied Nth Degree is with the services that SIS provided during our implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. This was an extensive project that involved implementing the full suite of financials, as well as the project accounting solutions that utilized multi-company configuration. To execute this project, we needed a partner with a strong experience working with Project Based Companies. SIS took the time to understand our requirements as well as our desired business processes and then designed and configured the solution to address them. From the beginning of the project, we received excellent service, support and a team of professionals that truly cared about the success of the project.

I would like to thank SIS for all the handwork and dedication from the entire team that helped make this project a success. I would recommend SIS as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner that will seek to meet, and exceed, their customer’s expectations.

John Hense, CFO – Nth Degree, Inc.

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates with our email and productivity products, it also gives us the flexibility to easily integrate with our storage system and SIS’s construction module PCM Project Cost Management encompassed all of our desires in a new ERP.”

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer – Safeguard Self Storage

“A decision on new a ERP system is one of the most important decision a company and CEO will ever make. After almost a year of research, six software company visits and 3 full demo’s it became very clear to me and our selection team that a partnership with SIS and Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the logical choice for Bonitz.”

Pete Latamore, CEO – Bonitz

“I’m writing this letter to express how satisfied Melrose PLC is with the services that SIS provided us. We contacted SIS to help us upgrade our ERP solution and consolidate a number of databases with multiple companies into a single environment and in order to accomplish this we needed a strong, experienced Partner that took the time to understand our requirements along with our businesses’ processes. From the beginning, we received excellent service, support, and a professional team that demonstrated they truly cared about the success and timeliness of the project.

Much of the success of this project was due to a strong project management and a knowledgeable Sr. Consultant, who was very responsive and delivered timely communications throughout. The entire SIS team delivered on all of their promises, thereby, delivering the project on time and on budget. I would highly recommend SIS as a Microsoft Business Partner that will seek to meet and exceed their customer expectations.

Jason Care, Group Systems Manager – Melrose PLC

“After a failed implementation we decided to take a step back and review the landscape. We learned a tremendous amount about our software, our business, and most importantly our needs.  We did not need a consultant to help us implement AX. We needed a partner who understood our business and would be invested with us in our success. We needed a partner to maximize the software we chose and believe in. After a great deal of investigating we know we have found our partner, SIS Software. They have developed software that hits the core of our business. We are energized by their solutions and look forward to launching SIS Advanced Payroll, and SIS Project Management for AX. We intend to also acquire the Compass product. We believe this trio of products complement AX very well. These three products fulfill all of our business requirements. After 5 months of searching for the right partner we know we made the right choice.”

 Jesus Fuentes, AX Project Manager & Supply Chain Manager – Industrial Electrical Company

“After researching the field of ERP solutions we decided to go with Dynamics AX which stood out as a good fit for our environment, our users, and our long term vision. We know the product will be around and supported many years from now. Just as critical to us as the product was finding the right implementation partner. We found that SIS understood our industry and had the people on board to speak our language which is invaluable when it comes to designing a system that works for our business processes. We believe this project will be transformational for our company as we get the right information to decision-makers at a speed that will make us more competitive in the market.”

Teri Germany, Operations IT Project Manager – Rogers Electric

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased we are with your team’s performance this past year. It’s hard to believe another year has passed by. I have to say as Accounting preformed their year-end task this year, with the help provided by Cindy and her team, we were much more prepared and confident to tackle this process. SIS empowered the end user with knowledge that has allowed our employees to grow into the software package and truly utilize the program the way it was intended and be so much more productive than last year.”

Mike Mendelson, IT Manager – Tampa Bay Trane

“DCAA compliance was a baseline requirement, but it was even more important that the systems could support the way our business works… that’s why we chose Microsoft Dynamics SL over a Deltek system. We can meet virtually any reporting requirement with Dynamics SL. This capability helps us avoid billing disputes with our customer, but more importantly, it gives our managers the information they need to keep us at peak operational efficiency and profitability.” Read More Here

Richard Seitz, Director of Finance – RJ Lee Group

“SIS has helped us innovate with Microsoft technology to gain an advantage over competitors. We have increased the efficiency with which billings are generated; established an infrastructure for growth by collecting and analyzing the information that is captured; improved long term strategic decision making; and we have given project managers greater control over project setup and analytical tools, reducing involvement from accounting personnel.” Read More Here

Frank Ziccarelli, Systems Manager – McKenney’s, Inc.

“SIS has been our Microsoft ERP Partner since 2003 and we have been extremely pleased with the level of consulting and service we receive from them. Service Electric has grown considerably over the years. With the deep knowledge SIS has of construction and union payroll, and the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics, we have been able to handle the growth in our business while greatly reducing the typical increase in overhead.”

Joshua Post, Vice President – Service Electric Company

“Microsoft Dynamics SL handled the government contracting requirements just as well as the Deltek system, and did a much better job of meeting our light manufacturing needs. Now, we have real-time inventory and greater visibility into our supply chain. We’ve been able to improve the accuracy of our inventory by approximately 80 percent. We can plan product shipments with much greater accuracy, which not only saves us money but also helps save lives by getting our protective equipment to the soldiers on the front lines faster.” Read More Here

Tracy Gholson, VP of Finance – BMI Defense Systems

“Thanks to SIS, our project managers now have full access to the financial information on their projects and are very aware of the factors that affect profitability and cash flow.” Read More Here

Roger Tjoelker, Chief Financial Officer – Feyen-Zylstra Incorporated

“Business has gone from 40 to 100 million dollars. We are processing transactions more quickly with less resource than in the past with Microsoft Dynamics SL.”

Carolyn Blaylock, Vice President Systems & Processes – Schneider Electric

“Just wanted to let you both know your team did an outstanding job – I would definitely give them an A+. I have to say it was the easiest software upgrade I have ever experienced. Michael and Katrina responded quickly during the testing and after we went live when there were issues. We would definitely recommend SIS.”

Danna Rogers, – Mascot Pecan Shelling Co.

Once we switched, people intuitively understood how it worked. As a result, we have a lot more buy-in from people throughout the company for Microsoft Dynamics SL than we had with Timberline. I’ve used a number of business systems and Microsoft Dynamics SL is by far the most flexible and easy to use. Having all our business information at our fingertips has helped us increase our profit margins and manage our overhead expenses.” Read More Here

Karen Dubois, CFO – KDA

“SIS provided us with in-depth explanations and aligned their efforts with what we were trying to do. SIS employees invested a lot of their own time to help us reach a common goal. I respected their work ethic, and as far as I’m concerned SIS will be with us as long as I own this company.” Read More Here

Alan Pfund, Owner & CEO – Special Projects Group

“The great thing about Microsoft Dynamics is that it does not force you to operate within the constraints of a rigid software environment; it adapts to your changing business needs.” Read More Here

Kevin Rosenburg, Controller – Horizon Wind Energy

“Microsoft Dynamics gave control back to management, as opposed to when we were using other applications. Microsoft Dynamics helps us improve operations in every area of our business.” Read More Here

Jayshree Desai, CFO – Horizon Wind Energy

“The main reason Rex Moore went with SIS is because we felt that SIS understands the complexity of union and certified payroll. The challenge of using apprentice workers compounds the issue of payroll, so we needed a solution that was robust, flexible and simple all at the same time. Making mistakes during the processing of certified payroll can leave an organization exposed to costly fines or exclusion from the use of apprentice. Any of these would cause our organization to be less competitive in the market. Using base AX payroll exclusively doesn’t provide enough flexibility or appropriate project cost allocation, which forced us to look for another products. Of the other vendors available, SIS was the only one that could speak our language and understand the payroll challenges we face every day.”

Jeremy Grosser, ERP Project Manager – Rex Moore