SIS Customer Support Improvements

Over the past few months you have probably noticed some new changes were made in an effort to better align our overall support and services.   We have been very busy supporting you, our customers.  SIS in 2015, resolved over 1350 individual support requests and for 2016 we have resolved through the end of May over 850 support cases.  On average, SIS receives over 9 new support requests daily, most of which are solved within 4 hours, our average days open (for the more complicated cases)  has been reduced from 15+ days to below 5 in the last year.

You also may have noticed when asking for help on items, we now create a support case to ensure that every request from a customer is tracked in our system and gets prompt attention.

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Other changes that we have made are outlined below:

1.)    Our support billing under the 950 series of projects has each case as a Dynamics SL task created that matches the case and request.  This way you can clearly understand what activity happened on your support cases.   By tracking each case separate we can also get a better idea on long term trends in your system that may point to additional training needed or another problem.

2.)    Our support communication has been simplified and enhanced.  You can now clearly track where a case is in its lifecycle from the support emails at SIS.  Our lifecycle is outlined below:

a.   Case Received
b.   Case Assigned to a consultant
c.   Case Closed

3.)    As part of our communications enhancements, you will now get details on the case resolution when the case is closed.

4.)    Lastly, we have been providing a monthly summary of all support activity at the beginning of each month to our primary contact at your account.  If you have not been receiving these please reach out and we can determine who is getting these within the organization.

As a valued SIS customer, we want to make sure that every time you use our Customer Care/Support services, you have a satisfying experience and your issue is resolved in a timely manner.   Our support offering is a major advantage of working with SIS and we are constantly making improvements to our systems and our process to provide you with world-class service and the detail to attention that our clients deserve.

We want to hear from you with any suggestions to help us continue to support you and fully meet all your technology needs.

For expert assistance with your Microsoft Dynamics solution, contact the SIS Support Team.