SIS seeks to aid the players in the Energy Sector to optimize their business operations, increase profitability, productivity and to lower costs through implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as well as CRM systems. In addition, SIS offers solutions in Purchasing and Requisitioning, Time-sheet and Expense Management, Payroll and HR, Reporting and Business Intelligence Solutions and Multi-currency accounting for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Energy firms.

The primary tool upon which SIS builds its success is its extensive experience and understanding of the dynamism in the Energy Sector. As a result, SIS can assist their clientele in the creation of short- and long-term technology investment plans as well as go through product selection procedures for specific businesses. It is shocking to know that 90 percent of oil companies surveyed by Ernst & Young doesn’t have a long-term plan that would guide them when oil prices fall, and it is such gaps that SIS seeks to bridge. The only way Oil & Gas companies can keep track of their costs and increase their profit margins is through the creation of cost monitoring measures.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions are technological tools that can be adopted by companies looking to come up with scalable and affordable ERP solutions. In so doing, Energy companies will be assisted in the reduction of operational costs. More importantly, Dynamics 365 facilitates large companies to set prices that are standard with the SME. SIS provides business-tailored solutions for different business needs ranging from automation of specific divisions or in the replacement of mission-critical business applications.

Having been operational for over 20 years, SIS understands that CRM projects tend to fail due to low adoption rates, but all that failure is avoidable with Dynamics 365 CRM software that works how the client wants to work. It is highly recommended for the Oil & Gas companies to take a hard look at their costs and come up with a long-term approach to control costs and maximize profits.

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Witty Bindra
Senior Vice President

Witty Bindra has over 20 years of experience in Change Management, Business Development, Sales Management, Solution Design and Services Delivery Leadership with extensive focus on Consultative Solution Selling & Pipeline Management for Construction, EPC and Energy clients.