Microsoft Dynamics SL Webinar:
Transaction Import & Quick Query functionality within Dynamics SL

Join us for an educational webinar on the Transaction Import and Quick Query functionality within Dynamics SL. Both of these timesaving features are often under-utilized by SL Users. In the end, we all seem to need more time and both of these Dynamics SL features have the ability to make using SL more efficient and effective.

What we covered:

The Transaction Import allows for the importing of data from a spreadsheet into SL. A template is created and matches the spreadsheet columns to the template. It can be a very efficient way to enter data into SL on an ongoing or even one-time basis. The Quick Query functionality provides a snapshot into data within SL without having to run reports. It has the ability to filter and add and remove data fields within the Quick Query screens. You can also save the customized selection and run it as needed by user or for all of your SL users.