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Greenshades Tax Service for Microsoft Dynamics SL

Greenshades has prided itself on developing solutions that change the way your business handles a variety of day-to-day tasks. From payroll taxes, tax filing centers, to an employee portal, Greenshades solutions give you back your time so you can focus on the things that matter most for your businesses.

Greenshades online helps with a multitude of employee solutions to help your employees and simplify your HR and payroll processes. Greenshades online can allow employees to view their paystubs, HR documents, and other information online.

In addition, Our Payroll Tax Service calculates deadlines, files returns, and transfers payments through an online portal.

The Tax Filing Center offers Payroll Tax e-Filing to reduce your burden with SUTA, W-2s, 1099/1095s, 940/941, New Hire, and more.

Discover why thousands of businesses have turned to Greenshades with this high level overview Webinar.

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