Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps New Features 

The Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 CU1 release brings additional features, updates, and fixes the Microsoft SL 2015 release.  This release adds over 25 new Web Apps for hand held devices, including a new Time & Expense entry screens (with a grid interface), Web reporting and Resource planning!

Learn more about these new features and what you need to know prepare for a successful upgrade.

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New Web Apps for 2015:

-Timecard Reporting:

Enable employees to record their time on a daily basis using electronic timecards. Labor information flows directly from employees to the project and accounting tools, and is fully validated at the time of entry to prevent time entry errors such as charges to closed projects or tasks.

-Expense Reporting with Attachments:

Help ensure that travel and other employee-related project expenses are properly recorded through the convenience of real-time data entry. Online travel and expense collection minimizes paperwork, shortens the approval process, and provides managers with a clear view of expenses. Expenses can be entered in local or foreign currencies.

-Timecard, Expense Budget & Document Approval:

Automatically route online timecards, expense reports, project budgets and invoices to managers. Once approved, timecards and expense entries update the projects, general ledger, and other integrated Microsoft Dynamics SL modules.

-Project Setup, Analyst & Communicator:

Allows project account owners and managers to setup, edit or copy project related information. It supports setting up financial and customer information and assigning tasks. Project Analyst provides financial overview and ability to drill to the details. The Project Communicator module provides an interface to view notifications and then take actions like approval of project items.

-Delegate Approvals:

Provide approvers with the ability to defer project invoices, expense, budgets and timecards approvals to other managers, supervisors or other project employees. Now when managers are out of the office, they can assign approval rights to others so they aren’t holding up the approval process.

-Quick Query:

View quick query information on a device allowing sorting, selecting and even exporting data to Excel.

-Resource Planning:

Expose the underlying project information to provide resource planning. Now all the projects, tasks and resources can be viewed and updated with the drag and drop of a mouse. Need a resource? Filter and find resources that are available, add and remove resources through dragging and dropping resources on and off a project, and then assign hours.

-Project Time Entry Grid:

Time entry on a desktop can provide a different experience then on a tablet and smartphone. A new grid style time entry interface provides another way for end users to enter their time.

-Employee & Resource Maintenance:

Create or edit employees and resources. Maintain/edit or add position/rates for employees or resources. All of this can now be done remotely without having to be in the office.

-Project Budgeting Module:

Many additional capabilities have been added that are aimed at addressing business issues for budget creation, revision control, approval, and approval routing.

-Employee Utilization Module:

Track actual and budgeted utilization information for project based organizations. Tracking the work planned and actually performed by individual employees is critical. This module is used to setup goals and is also used to drive the resource planning features.

-Payroll & Advanced Payroll Time Entry:

Provides payroll users with an interface to enter standard or advance payroll time entry information.

-Inventory Lookup:

Lookup Microsoft Dynamics SL inventory information by attribute or description. View inventory availability down to the site level.